Lesson packages

Program or bundle ? 

The lessons are given in two ways:

1. In the form of a training- and coaching program

The lessons are practical and goal-oriented. You learn to play the piano first, later on the theory. 

¬ Instantly learn to play the piano, from the first few lessons with both hands at the same time !

¬ Goal and results oriented, you work towards what you want to achieve, and learn what you wish to play, the songs you would like to play, in a customized setting for your own level !

¬ Intensive and focused !

- You can start anytime ! 

Depending on the level a student has, the student can choose between : 

- ''90-day Piano Anders coaching and training program for beginners'' (partially custom-made course, in agreement with the student)

- ''90-day Piano Anders coaching and training program for intermediate students'' (custom-made course, in agreement with the student) 

- ''90-day Piano Other coaching and training program for advanced students'' (custom-made course, in agreement with the student)

 I will explain the content of the program in detail in a personal conversation, combined with a free lesson. 

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Reasons to work with time-limited programs are: 

1. Motivation is usually greater earlier on in learning something new and may stagnate or diminish over time. 
2. Because this goal-oriented way of learning delivers fast results, in a shorter time than regular lessons.
3. The student not only learns piano techniques, desired piano pieces and the accompanying techniques, but also how to practice for faster results with less practice time. The program comes with mindset and habit training, to get the most out of the student in the 3 months apprenticeship.
4. In addition, the student is free to stop with the lessons at the end of the program, to have the freedom to experience other methods as well, and this way doesn't have to stay connected to me or this method of learning for a long time. Of course, a student can choose to continue with the next step, if desired.


Prices lesson-coaching programs :

- 750 600 € for students up to 20 years old
- 900 750 € for students aged 21 and over  


2. By taking a teaching package/bundle of 5 or 10 lessons.

You can take a bundle of 5 or 10 lessons, whichever you prefer, and choose to have lessons weekly or every two weeks. Afterwards you can continue, take a new bundle each time, or stop at the end of any bundle.

(per lesson): 

For students up to and including 20 years:

- 30 min. - 30 24 euros
- 40 min. - 37.50 30 euros
- 60 min. - 50 40 euros
- 60 min. - 60 48 euros (for two students at the same time in class)

For students/adults 21 years and older : 

- 30 min. - 35 28 euros
- 40 min. - 45 36 euros
- 60 min. - 60 48 euros
- 60 min. - 70 56 euros (for two students at the same time) 

The lessons are given at mine or the student's home. 
Lessons during holidays and national free days are often possible and planned in agreement.
I often can not answer the phone, for QUESTIONS and APPOINTMENTS, please send a WhatsApp message to 06-28776850 or an email to info@diananossent.nl (or via Contact





I am authorized to give piano and general music lessons up to Conservatory level!