Piano Anders

Piano Anders - lessons at home in Mierlo, surroundings en Deurne !

Piano Anders is a teaching- and coaching method designed to teach students to play the piano in a fun, practical, direct, effective and fast way ! 


Piano Anders is a method I have created after many years of teaching, especially aimed at people who want to learn piano purposefully, in an effective and quick manner. I use a different approach than the traditional lessons, and with that a lot is learned in a short time. The lessons are given through lesson-coaching packages, in periods of 3 months, or with a lesson bundle/strip card (please read the information under the heading Lesson packages).

I prefer to give a detailed explanation about this method in a personal conversation. The conversation is also intended to find out together whether this way of teaching suits you or your child, whether we are a fit to work together. I only work in this way because I believe in this teaching method, I have had good results with it and enthusiastic students. For other methods, or regular piano learning, please visit other teachers or music schools.  

Are you interested in piano lessons and would you like to know more about the Piano Anders teaching method? Please send an e-mail via the heading "Contact", or directly to info@diananossent.com or a WhatsApp message to tel. number 06-28776859, to make an appointment for a no cost free-of-obligation conversation of approximately 30-45 minutes, combined with a trial lesson. 

(I often can't answer the phone, therefore I prefer communication via message or email. We can schedule a phone call if needed) 

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Motivation is the key to success!  goude-sleutel-01630069992.jpg

I work with students (children and adults) who want to learn piano at their own request, out of intrinsic motivation. 

Age limit children : This method of piano learning is more suitable for older children and adults, because intrinsic motivation is the basis for learning in this way, and older children generally know better if they want to learn to play the piano.. Having an interest in piano and the will to learn are the basic ingredients for learning, this being the reasons why I only work with children who want and ask themselves to learn to play the piano. The age limit for children is 10 years, exceptionally younger, and depending on the interest and motivation. If a child wants to learn and is motivated, he/she will spend more time behind the piano, learning will come naturally. and times faster . 

Age limit adults.: NONE ! As long as the fingers can still move painlessly, piano can be learned quite easily, even at an older age. It is also a finger sport, therefore may facilitate and promote the mobility and flexibility of the fingers and hands. 



Requirements to get started:

- a PIANO at home, either acoustic or electric piano-01630069822.jpg

- a COMPUTER, laptop, tablet or telephone with internet connection 

(near the piano)  Laptop 2.jpg

- TIME to practice (this method only works if practiced daily Agenda site.png  

- a METRONOME, either mechanical, digital or online        metronome-01643642201.jpg